An invitation to our church!

Hope Church started in September 2009, and we have an exciting journey ahead of us; bringing the hope found in the love of Jesus Christ to the different corners of our City and to the nations of the world, and we have an exciting journey ahead of us.

And we want to invite you on this journey with us.

Come and discover for yourself the excitement of knowing Jesus, the hope that He wants to bring to your life, the friendships that can be found in his church, discover how relevant the Bible is to your life, and the impact that we can make in our city and in the nations together.

You may speak English or Russian, you may be in business or at University, you may be a young professional and just starting out in your career or you may have a family and have a routine to your life. You may be rich or you may have financial needs – whatever your situation we want to invite you to Hope church, we want to welcome you to come and join with us. Come and join in the fun, join in the mission, come and join the journey, take your part and together let’s take the Hope found in Jesus Christ to the City of Petersburg and beyond.

Call us at +79117701564

​Местная Религиозная Организация Христиан Веры Евангельской Христианский Центр "НАДЕЖДА" Г. Санкт-ПетербургЗагородный Проспект Дом 13, Литера А, Помещение 19н, Санкт-Петербург, 191002