As Hope Church, we not only gathers every Sunday but also have different meetings and ministries:
  • Home Groups
  • Ministry to the Poor and Hungry
  • Ministry to Orphans and to Rehabilitation Centers
  • Welcoming and Ushering Team
  • Praise and Worship Teams
  • Children Ministries
  • Prayer Ministries
  • Alpha Courses (on a seasonal basis)
  • Multi-Media and Recording

Please contact us if you want to get involved in any of the ministries of Hope church or if you would like more information!

​Местная Религиозная Организация Христиан Веры Евангельской Христианский Центр "НАДЕЖДА" Г. Санкт-ПетербургЗагородный Проспект Дом 13, Литера А, Помещение 19н, Санкт-Петербург, 191002